Book 1.

Lesson Grammar Questions Topics Page
1 alphabet; articles; nouns; personal pronouns; the substantive verb (the verb „to be”) Who? What? greeting people, introduction, nationalities, school, street 5-17
2 vowel harmony; place endings (in); adjectives; numbers; plural personal pronouns and the verb „to be” How? Where? How many? How much (does it cost)? How old are you? colours, countries, vegetables, fruits, baked goods 18-31
3 addressing people formally; conjugation of present tense verbs (indefinite); exceptions; place endings (on) How are you? What are you doing? What languages do you speak? When? weather, languages, days, clothes 32-46
4 ordinal numbers; direct object; plural nouns Which? (for numbers) What? (with direct object) at the coffee- shop, ordering, transport, food, drinks, occupations 47-62
5 negation of the verb „to be”; place endings (from/out of, in/into); postpositions (in front of, above, etc.); conjunctions; plural noun as a direct object When? Where (do you come) from? Where (do you go)(to)? time expressions, places, rooms, furniture 63-77
6 the verb „to be” in past and future tense; place endings (to, from); with; verbs ending in „-ik” Where?What … with? With whom? How do you go? sightseeing, inquiry, buying tickets, activities, the city, sports, musical instruments 78-92
7 place endings (from, at, to a person); the infinitive; word order What number? When? How often? How many times? like, can, want, would like, cinema, weekend, seasons, lunch, frequency, housework 93-107
8 plural forms of the adjectives; direct object ending (accusative) added to questions, adjectives and numerals; word order; the infinitive; definite conjugation; intransitive verbs; in (for time); from; to; dative What are theylike? What? (d.obj.) How many? What time? From where? How far? shopping, organizing aparty, booking, holidays, season’s greetings, getting an appointment 108-125
Dialogues from units 1-8. 126-130
Key to the dialogues 131-135
Practical questions and expressions; text of the listening 136
Table of place endings 137
Table of present tense conjugations 138