Enjoy learning Hungarian efficiently

The author

I have been teaching Hungarian since 1998. I graduated from the University of Debrecen (formerly the Lajos Kossuth University). I started my professional career at the Debrecen Summer School, which I am still linked to in many ways. I also had a chance to widen the spectrum of my teaching experience at the Council of Europe and the European Commission in Brussels.

The wide variety of my students’ respective mother tongues and the many learning methods they have used before have permanently inspired me to use my creativity.

I have been teaching the Hungarian language for almost twenty years at all levels from beginner to advanced, and it is my firm belief that the establishment of a solid basis at beginner level is of vital importance. I also think that students should encounter Hungarian in a playful, entertaining manner to ensure that they enjoy learning and their enthusiasm can grow. These were the main motivations that made me write this book.


The book was revised and tested by Katalin Szloboda. Let me express my gratitude for her expert advice, care and support.